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Our community is diverse, capable, and heartfelt. Our members and friends include dedicated senior teachers who have walked the Shambhala Buddhist path for many years, and enthusiastic newcomers who are just discovering our teachings on realizing basic goodness and building enlightened society.


Community Events

Community Vitality Meeting

August 27th

This is a time for community members and practitioners to come together and discuss what we like about our Center and exchange ideas of some ways to revitalize our community. Continue »

Community Meeting

September 16th

Drala Day

September 22nd

Come help beautify our center so that all who enter can feel basic goodness radiating in the environment. We will sweep, vacuum, dust, polish, and arrange for the benefit of all beings. Come for as much or as little of the day as you would like. Continue »

Harvest of Peace

September 23rd

Please join us for a celebration of gratitude for the bounty of the season, the richness of our community, and precious gift of the teachings. Continue »

Staff Training Day

September 30th