Advanced Practice Day

December 2nd (2017)

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    Our Baltimore Shambhala Center opens its space and warmly invites Tantrikas and Sadhakas to gather for a day of advanced practices including the Stroke of Ashe, Ngondro, Werma and Scorpion Seal.

     9:00 - Set-Up
     9:15 - Opening Chants
     9:30 - First Practice Session
    11:00 - Stroke Practice
               - Dharmaraja Guru Yora Practice

    12:30 - Lunch (Shared, Pot Luck?)
             - Study Session (Group Discussion of Texts)

     2:00 - Second Practice Session 
     3:15 - Closing Chants

    For questions and additional information, please e-mail [email protected]