Shambhala Training Weekend II: Birth of the Warrior

with Scott Perkins

March 9th—March 11th

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  • $150.00 Contributor Price
  • or practice generosity according to what you are able to afford
Room: Main Shrine Room


Shambhala Training Weekend II: Birth of the Warrior is the second retreat weekend in the renowned Way of Shambhala series. This intimate program provides instruction for sitting and walking meditation as a means to explore how we can free ourselves from the patterns that repress the brilliant, compassionate, mindful warrior within.



This second Shambhala Training Weekend presents the view that when we open up to our own genuineness, we can begin to work directly with our fears. Through tenderness, we can meet life's challenging moments, not with distractions and self-aggression, but with courage and confidence.



By relating to fear through meditation practice, we begin to appreciate that there isn't actually anything fundamentally wrong with us. We are good, just as we are, in the here and now. We simply have to discover the bravery necessary to embrace our true nature.



This weekend introduces a meditation practice that builds upon the mindfulness-awareness technique learned in Shambhala Training Weekend I. The weekend introduces techniques for working with fear and habitual patterns of thought and behavior.



Prerequisites: Shambhala Training Weekend I




Generosity Policy: The full program price is a suggested contribution that allows the Center to cover program expenses and overall maintenance. However, it is important to our mission to ensure that everyone who is inspired to go forward on the Shambhala Buddhist path has our complete support. Therefore, we simply ask that you pay any amount that feels generous to you and that fits with what you are able to give. We are happy to accept an offering in the amount you are able to afford, either above or below the suggested level.