Special Taste of Shambhala: A Taste of Karuna Training

November 15th (2018)

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    Our weekly Taste of Shambhala open house is a perfect introduction to the Shambhala Buddhist teachings and an opportunity to connect with other practitioners. It begins with a light meal, followed by group meditation practice and a talk by a local or visiting teacher.

    6:00 – 6:30 PM | Light, Wholesome Dinner | $5 donation appreciated
    6:30 – 7:15 PM | Group Meditation Practice | Learn-to-Meditate Class
    7:15 – 8:30 PM | Karuna Training Talk, Exercise and Discussion led by Sandra and Yeshe

    Please join us on November 15th for a special Thursday program with Shastri Sandra Ladley, who will be visiting us from California, and our own Yeshe Clarke for an evening of Karuna Training.  We are very excited that the Baltimore Shambhala Center will be hosting the two-year Karuna Training program starting in spring 2019. This evening is a chance to have a taste of Karuna Training.

    Karuna Training is a compassion and meditation-based program that teaches how to work with intense emotions, improve communication, and genuinely connect with others.  It is a journey of personal transformation where we train in keeping our hearts open in the face of difficulty.

    If we stop and feel deeply into ourselves, we know that the current state of the world is directly affecting all of us; we all react and respond in different, changing and often painful ways to these challenging times.  Now is a particularly potent time to recognize the wisdom that is already present in each of us and in all situations.

    Karuna Training is rooted in the Tibetan Buddhist Vajrayana view that challenging situations and emotions are gateways to intelligence and enlightenment.  Founded in Germany in 1996, it is a two-year program that is currently running in six countries in Europe and in Berkeley, Seattle and Albuquerque in North America.  The next Karuna Training program is scheduled to begin in Baltimore in Spring 2019!

    Sandra will also be teaching a day and half intro to Karuna Training November 17-18 in Philadelphia.  For more information and to register, click here:
    Powerful Practices for Challenging Times: An Introduction to Karuna Training

    There are no prerequisites for this Thursday evening and it is open and relevant to everyone.

    About Sandra
    Shastri Sandra Ladley is the Program Director and a core faculty member for the Karuna Training program in Contemplative Psychology in North America.  Sandra is a long-time meditation practitioner and a Shastri or senior Shambhala Buddhist resident teacher for the San Francisco Bay Area. Sandra teaches Buddhist, Contemplative Psychology and Dharma Art programs internationally.  Sandra draws on a wealth of experience as a teacher, counselor, and manager in business, technology, mental health, hospice, and creative arts settings to bring depth, warmth and humor to her teaching.

    For more information on the Baltimore Shambhala Center, please contact [email protected]

    For more information on Karuna Training, contact [email protected]