Maitri: Five Wisdom Energies

with Jennifer Parde

February 28th—March 28th

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Room: Main Shrine Room

The five wisdom energies, also known as the five Buddha families, are both the building blocks of our egos and the expression of our wisdom. This class will allow us to experience these energies and explore their manifestation in the elements, in our emotions and in the phenomenal world. An icicle melting in the bright sun, a rotting log covered in moss and home to a great variety of bugs and plants, a crocus peaking out of the snow, all are manifestations of the Buddha family energies. So are various styles of architecture and the cities of the world, the various landscapes of the earth, and the view of outer space.

The five wisdom energies work directly with the basic elements of experience: body, mind, emotions, and our surroundings. In 1971, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche created a meditation practice using five postures and five colors to evoke these energies so that we could learn to befriend emotions and ultimately develop unconditional love for ourselves and others. This training, based on the teachings of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, will include sitting meditation, posture practice, experiential work, talks and discussion.

This program is open and accessible to meditation practitioners at all levels.


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