BSMC Leadership Collective Meeting (Open)

March 16th

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    You are invited to take part in the Leadership Collective, a process of participatory governance at BSMC. The purpose is to uphold the view of basic goodness and awake society, articulate our center’s mission, join center initiatives with the view and mission, and make decisions concerning center direction.

    We will do this by participating in a leadership practice that blends elements of a Quaker Meeting, Social Meditation and the best ingredients of the traditional Shambhala Governing Council model. Meetings are open. Everyone is invited to practice leadership (warriorship) together.

    Everyone is invited to take part in this meeting. Current members, former members, and people brand new to the Center are all welcome.

    WHERE:  Join remotely through this Zoom Link:
    IMPORTANT: There will be *no* physical meeting at the center

    Meeting minutes from the March 1st Leadership Collective meeting can be found here.



    1. How do we gather broader input regarding the future of the Center?
    2. Process for approving changes to the Generosity Policy
    3. Examining our Community Outreach efforts
    4. Communication Plan