Making Friends with Death (Online - Closed Group)

April 5th—December 6th

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    Room: Online



    We expect to reopen to new members when we have completed reading our current book sometime in 2022.


    The Making Friends with Death (MFWD) reading group is opening for new participants for a limited time. 

    The MFWD group provides an opportunity for participants to explore their disposition towards death and the experience of dying and, in the process, to evaluate how to make the most of their life and the experience of living.  Our process is to select a book on death, dying or grief and then meet once a month over the course of a year or so to discuss the book and to share our experiences. Participants in this group take turns facilitating the group. In the past we have read Judy Lief – Making Friends with Death; Rodney Smith – Lessons from the Dying; Francis Weller – The Wild Edge of Sorrow; and Stephen Levine's A Year to Live

    We usually open to new participants for two months (in this case, April and May 2021) as we start a new book and then close the group until we finish it, in an effort to create an intimate, safe space for people to share experiences. Over the coming year or so, we will again be studying Judy Lief’s Making Friends with Death

    This group is FREE and OPEN to ALL; we ask only that you make a strong commitment to finish the book, should you choose to join the group following the April and May meetings.

    We meet on Zoom the first Monday of the month 5:00-6:30pm (ET).  A Zoom link will be sent out before the meeting to all program registrants.