Welcome to the Baltimore Shambhala Center

The Baltimore Shambhala Meditation Center is part of an international community of urban meditation and rural retreat centers founded by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and led by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Our center offers daily public meditation, a core curriculum of Buddhist and Shambhala teachings, as well as training in contemplative arts. We invite you to explore our diverse programs designed to help Baltimoreans of all traditions discover their inherent clarity, gentleness and humor.



Contentment in Everyday Life

with Shastri Linda Catling

February 10th—March 10th

This course provides an exploration of mindfulness meditation, the foundational views of the hinayana Buddhist teachings, and meditation in action for daily life. With meditation practice, we learn to appreciate ourselves and simple human experiences. Dif Continue »

Milarepa Day Celebration

February 28th

We are celebrating Milarepa Day on Saturday, February 28. It is our annual day-long celebration of the enlightenment and life example of Milarepa, one of the great Kagyu Lineage forefathers, who is famous for his profound songs of realization. The celebr Continue »

The Art of Community

March 1st

Art of Community will create expressive art projects that share how meditation can be incorporated into various parts of our personal lives and to visualize an enlightened society based on the Shambhala teachings. Using storytelling and the meditative art Continue »

Level III: Warrior in the World

with Chris Kreeger

March 6th—March 8th

Developing fearlessness by examining our habitual tendencies, we are willing to experience our life without relying on the cocoon. We begin to engage the world directly and extend the attitude of fearlessness to our activities. Prerequisite: Shambhal Continue »

Conversation with Myra Woodruff, Executive Director of Karmê Chöling

March 12th

Myra Woodruff, Executive Director of the Karmê Chöling Shambhala Meditation Center in Barnet, VT, will be hosting a community forum at our center on Thursday, March 12 from 7-9 pm. Myra is seeking your input on ways that Karmê Chöling can further support Continue »