Refuge Vow Preparatory Class

with Shastri Stephen Clarke & Jessica Locke

August 13th—August 20th (2017)

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  • $25.00 Contributor Price
Room: Main Shrine Room
Program Registration is Closed.

This is a class designed for students interested in exploring the meaning of the refuge vow, the formal ceremony that marks a practitioner’s entrance to the Buddhist path. It is appropriate for those aspiring to take the vow as well as those who are curious and interested but not yet ready to take this formal step. Readings for this class will be drawn from the Refuge Vow sourcebook (which will be available at the Center or online from Kalapa Media for about $25).  

This class is the recommended preparation for those who wish to take the formal Refuge Vow that will be offered on September 12th with Acharya Richard John.