Shambhala Meditation Weekthün

with Chris Kreeger & Jennifer Yarbro

December 26th—January 1st

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  • $300 Contributor Price
  • $250 Program Price
  • $35 Deposit
  • $40 Daily cost
  • Amount after scholarship (from form)
Room: Main Shrine Room

At this time, great confusion and suffering exist because humanity cannot simply be. People seek to make themselves worthy by measuring up to a concept of who or what they think they should be. This external pursuit of self worthiness inevitably fails because it seeks outside of ourselves for what we already have. We don’t feel worthy because our ability to feel and appreciate ourselves just as we are has atrophied.

Over the past eight years, our community has been working together, gradually and progressively, to deepen our connection to Shambhala Meditation, a powerful approach to fully realizing our humanity. Whether or not we are conscious of it, and no matter what we are thinking, there is always an underlying feeling of goodness. Shambhala meditation reawakens our ability to feel. We then recognize our fundamental worthiness and embody that wholeheartedly, doubtlessly. Touching the basic goodness of ourselves, of others, and of the world around us, what we do now arises out of this feeling of worthiness.

The retreat is open to everyone, from the beginning meditator to more experienced practitioners. The program will include Shambhala meditation transmission and practice, dharma talks, walking meditation, days of silence, study, and guided contemplative exercises. One-on-one meditation meetings with senior instructors will be offered.

Participants can attend the entire, weeklong retreat or portions of it. Those receiving the transmission for Shambhala Meditation for the first time are asked to attend a minimum of the first three days of the retreat to receive and process the transmission.

Important Note: Shambhala Meditation is distinct from our Basic Meditation presented at our Learn to Meditate programs and variations of Shamatha/Vipashyana meditation presented at Shambhala Training Levels I-V. Shambhala Meditation requires transmission by a teacher who is authorized to share it (in this case Chris Kreeger).

About the Teachers

Chris Kreeger has been with the Shambhala community for the past 30 years and has been teaching in this community for the past 25. He has served in various leadership positions, including Center Director. As a senior teacher, he has trained, authorized, and mentored many other teachers.

Jennifer Yarbro, our current Center Director, has been with the Shambhala community for nearly a decade. In 2017, she spent a year at Gampo Abby, during which she steeped in the practice of Shambhala meditation. Professionally, Jennifer is a psychotherapist, trained at Naropa University, who has worked 14 years as a grief counselor. 

Program Fee

The Baltimore Shambhala Center relies on program registration fees, as well as on donations, to be able to cover our operating expenses, including the monthly rent. We very much value your paying the registration fee for this program, if you are able to afford this amount. 


We want anyone who wishes to study meditation and to experience the Shambhala view of basic goodness to be able to do so. Scholarships are available so that our programs are accessible to anyone, regardless of what tuition amount they are able to afford. (See link below if your are in need of a scholarship for this program. Scholarship requests are processed online, so that there is no delay in registration.)

Registration for One or Multiple Days

If you do not wish to register for the whole program, but plan to attend one or more days, multiply the number of days you plan to attend by $40 and enter that as the program fee.  Please provide detail about which dates you plan to attend in the "comments" section of the registration form to help us with general planning.  Dates do not need to be consecutive, except for the first 3 days if you will be receiving Shamhbhala Meditation transmission for the first time.

If you are applying for a scholarship, simply enter the total amount you are able to pay for all the days you plan to attend on the scholarship form (if you will attend for 3 days and can pay $20 a day, enter $60) and it will be so. Registration will be available at the door each day, however it is helpuf for us to have a rough number of participants for each day ahead of time.


A $35 deposit is requested if you can not pay the full program fee now (unless you are requesting a scholarship). If requesting a scholarship, please go to scholarship page before registering.


It is our objective to increase diversity at the Baltimore Shambhala Meditation Center to better reflect our diverse community. To monitor our progress over time, we would like to collect information on the racial identity of participants. Providing this information, which will be tallied anonymously, is optional.

To enter this information, please click on this link.