Kalapa/Sogetsu Ikebana - A Fun Workshop for the Beginner

January 26th

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  • $20 Contributor Price
  • $10 Program Price
Room: Main Shrine Room

NOTE:  This event is only for members -- or people who wish to become members -- of the Baltimore Shambhala Center's Ikebana Rota team.  We anticipate holding an Ikebana workshop open to non-Rota members later in 2019.

Enjoy a fun and creative morning learning the basics of Ikebana from Susan Somerville-Hawes, leader of the Baltimore Shambhala Center's Ikebana Rota.  See below for the topics the morning will cover.

I.    Introduction

       -   What is Ikebana?

       -   What is the Sogetsu School of Ikebana?

       -   What is the Kalapa School of Ikebana?

II.   Preparation

       -   Choosing and Conditioning Flowers and Plant Material

       -   Selecting an Appropriate Container

       -   Selection and Use of a Kensan

III.  Let’s do it - The Sogetsu Basics

       -   Basic Upright Arrangement- Moribana    

       -   Basic Slanting Arrangement-Moribana

       -   Basic Slanting Arrangement-Negeire

IV.   Continuing Your Ikebana Practice


Please contact Susan Somerville-Hawes for more information.

Susan Somerville-Hawes Bio

Susan Somerville-Hawes has been creating a variety of western style floral designs for almost two decades. After mindlessly chasing blue ribbons, she found sanity in the contemplative art of Ikebana. Susan completed a retreat in spring of 2016 at Dorje Denma Ling with Alexandra Shenpen, Sensei, a Riji of Sogetsu Ikebana and a Master Instructor for Kalapa Ikebana. This past September, she returned to Dorje Denma Ling to complete a second retreat with Stephane Bedard, a Senior Shambhala Art teacher and a Kalapa Ikebana Master. Susan is a member of Chapter 118 (Baltimore) of Ikebana International.