Waking Up: The Gradual Way and the Sudden Way

with Frank Berliner

October 17th—October 20th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    All Buddhist teachings rest on a single fundamental premise: that there is an awakened state that human beings can realize if we have enough longing, and enough confidence.

    While these teachings are part of the 2,500 year old Buddhist path, nowhere are the methods for waking up more varied and powerful than in the 1,200 year old Tibetan tradition, which has been transplanted to the West over the past 50 years by a number of accomplished Tibetan masters - beginning with Chogyam Trungpa in 1970.

    During this program, Frank will be discussing our meditation journey through the steps of practicing with our hope and fear: abandoning our habit of identifying with them, transforming them into fearless awareness by working directly with their energy and seeing them as naturally free and pure from the very beginning.

    By doing this we will experience our world in such a fresh way that we will be fully alive, awake and complete in our own being.

    The teachings and practices in this weekend retreat will serve to help us familiarize ourselves with our Natural State as a real personal experience. They will also help us to sustain our enthusiasm for meditation, and encourage sudden glimpses of fresh insight into the Natural State itself.

    About Frank Berliner

    Frank Berliner grew up in New York and was educated at Yale University. He served Chögyam Trungpa personally as resident teacher at the Berkeley Shambhala Center for nine years. He is the former National Director of Shambhala Training. He was a Professor of Contemplative Psychology (now retired) at Naropa University, a Buddhist University in Boulder, Colorado, where he taught both Buddhist and Western Existential Psychology and the practice of meditation to undergraduate and graduate students. He has studied, practiced and taught meditation and Buddhadharma for forty five years.

    He is the author of two books - Falling in Love with a Buddha and Bravery: The Living Buddha within You.

    Professor Berliner is also a psychotherapist in private practice in Boulder, Colorado. He continues to teach widely throughout North America.


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