Karuna Training: Body, Speech and Mind Group Practice

with Yeshe Clarke

February 3rd (2018)

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  • $25 Program Price
Room: Main Shrine Room

We may experience emotions such as fear, anger, or lethargy as obstacles—and for good reason. In Karuna Training, we learn powerful practices to relate directly with such emotions to uncover the tremendous wisdom at their essence. During these two practices days, participants will have the chance to take part in a Body Speech and Mind Group (BSM), which is one of these powerful practices. This contemplative practice trains us in the experience of loving kindness and compassionate exchange. It is a practice of making friends with oneself and facilitates the discovery and trust in the intrinsic sanity of self and others.

These stand-alone classes are open to any participants of an Introduction to Contemplative Psychology weekend with Sandra Ladley or Melissa Moore.

What is Karuna Training?
In Karuna Training we prepare people for staying open in the face of difficulty: emotional, psychological, behavioral, and ultimately social and cultural. Karuna is the Sanskrit word meaning compassion. We train people in the potency of leading their lives with an open heart. Drawn from the Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist view that difficult emotions are gateways to intelligence and enlightenment, we can learn to trust in what we are feeling and to mine those energies for wisdom.

Yeshe Clarke, MSW, LCSW-C is a co-founder of the Windhorse Institute and Community. She is a teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, senior teacher at the Baltimore Shambhala Center, and teaches Karuna Training. She founded and leads a mindful parenting program exploring parenting as a path of practice. Yeshe was raised in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition and has completed many advanced group retreats and solitary retreats. She became an authorized meditation instructor in 1996 and was authorized as a teacher in 2011. Yeshe is dedicated to creating an environment where people feel safe to genuinely open and authentically connect with themselves, each other, and community.

If you have questions about the refresher course you can contact Yeshe directly at [email protected]

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